Dread lock Bead Comparison Chart

Dreadlock size comparison for dreadlock beads;

6mm bead holes work well for super small dread or really new dread that have not full tightened. Also work well for hemp jewelry.
8mm small size bead holes are a great for small size dreads or hemp jewelry.
10mm medium size bead hole is the most versatile and should fit somewhere on almost any head of dreads. Also a good size for really thick hemp jewelry
12mm large size bead hole is still pretty common size for dreads and fits easy over ends that are a little chunky.
14mm Extra Large size bead hole is for some chunky dreadlocks or places where multiple dreads have grown into one
16mm super large size bead holes are for the chunkiest of dreads. If you think you need something bigger than this, contact me.

Dreadlock size comparison for dreadlock beads;
Extra Small ¼” or 6mm about the size of the end of a chop stick
Small, 5/16” or 8mm – diameter of a no.2 pencil
Medium 3/8” or 10mm – diameter of a AAA battery
Large, 1/2” or 12mm – diameter of Sharpie Marker
Extra Large, 9/16”” or 14mm – diameter a large Crayola Marker
Super Large, 5/8” or 16mm – diameter of a Dry Erase Marker

There are a few ways to measure your locs.

The simplest is estimating the size based on objects around your house.  I have done this for you and based it on objects I think everyone has laying around.  If your deadlocks are new I would recommend going down a size as new dread locks aren’t very dense and squish more easily unless you measure them to get a more accurate measurement.  See below on how to measure your locs.




Measuring your Dreadlocks

Another option is using a piece of paper tight around your dread and then measure where that paper meets.  I find Metric is the easiest way to math the measurements.  Once you have that length of paper measured divide by Pi to get the diameter.  Around this dread lock measured at 30 mm.  30/ 3.14 =9.5 mm diameter.  I can use a 10 mm Medium sized bead hole beads and they will fit over this bump in my dreadlocks.



Tips for measuring your dread locks

  1. Measure the fattest part of your dread lock your trying to fit for beads.
  2. Get the tape measure as tight as you can for your measurement.


If you find a bead you really love and it’s to big there are a couple ways to help secure it on your dread locks.

  1. You can put a beads that fits more secure under it to help keep it in place.
  2. Tie your dread in a knot and slip the bead over the knot.
  3. Use a rubber band or string below the bead to help keep it in place.
  4. Message me I’ll make you one in any size you want.