Flower of Life Hemp Necklace


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  • This hemp necklace is tied from 48# test hemp cord
  • Glass accent beads
  • Metal Flower of life pendant

 Necklace Dimensions:
24″ Long
12″ Macrame area
1.5″ Diameter Pendant

Hemp Necklaces have braided ends, as this type of closure make the necklace easier to take on and off and makes the closure stronger than a bead and loop closure. Hemp necklaces usually first show signs of wear at the closure from being taken on and off regularly. Therefor the braid makes that part of the necklace 3 times stronger. This allows you to either tie the braided end in a square knot (left over right and under, right over left and under) and untie it every night or wear it till it falls off. In addition the braided ends allow the length of the necklace to to be adjustable to fit you.


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Weight 2 oz
Dimensions 4 × 2 × 1 in